Don’t Forget the Prince (Entry 1)

Jack Horner had finally cracked.  Several hours in the interrogation room had produced the names of his accomplices, and by morning the pies would be returned to the Baker.  Queenie flopped down in her chair tucking a stray hair behind her ears.  She couldn’t fight the smile of satisfaction that slowly stretched across her face.  She let out a loud sigh and allowed her head to tip back, closing her eyes for a quick cat nap before the boss came over barking new orders.

Horner had been lucky.  He may be hitting The Pages for a few months, but at least his thumbs would still be intact. The Pages would be safe.  The trio had no connections there, and could allow the proper decoding to happen and soon Jack Horner would back in his little corner enjoying his Christmas pie, and hopefully the trio would have their one way ticket to reformation.

Queenie stretched out her arms, when she felt a light tap on her nose.  Her eyes fluttered open to reveal Wolf, grinning down at her.  His golden eyes shined as he proceeded to stretch out his hand to her.  He gripped a rolled up magazine, and Queenie felt a sinking feeling in her stomach.  They had some bad press lately in the Nursery Rhyme Gossip, and she knew another story shedding the department in a bad light… fictional or not.. the boss would have her head.

Queenie groaned and flopped forward, snarling.

What the hell is Humpty reporting now?  I swear I haven’t done anything, since the Muffin Man sting, and that wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the damn over-sized egg, she snapped.

Just take it, Wolf said.  Trust me this will make your day worth it.

She cocked an eyebrow at Wolf and slowly eased the magazine from his hands, catching an extra twinkle or two in his eyes.

What are you up to now, she muttered and his grin grew bigger and he gave her wink.

She uncurled the magazine, and her mouth dropped open.